A Quirky Undead Chick (ardys_the_ghoul) wrote,
A Quirky Undead Chick

Yet More Misogynist Crap to Piss Me Off

But He Didn't Know He Was Hijacking Your Ship: On Conference Creeps

A SFF writer talks about sexual harrassment she has experienced at conventions. This post is even more disturbing than the one I linked to some time ago by Ann Aguirre.

My thoughts on the kind of situation she describes are as follows: I like my personal space. I do not like to be touched. I have a hard time hugging my own grandfather because interpersonal contact like that makes me uncomfortable. Therefore, any strange man, regardless of how famous, who approaches me and attempts to touch me in any way other than a friendly professional handshake is likely to be pepper-sprayed in the face. And possibly kicked in the balls. The most polite thing I could say to such a person in that situation would be, "Get the hell away from me, you sick fuck."

Ms. Headley is a nice person. I am not nice. Anyone who wants to harrass me should keep that in mind. That is all.
Tags: ranting

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